Crete Motorcycle Helmet Campaign

A Crete Motorcycle Helmet Campaign was launched by Make Roads Safe Hellas and the FIA Foundation in 2011 at a European Conference on “Greece and the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020”, held in Chania.


In Greece, 30% of road casualties are motorcycle riders, but only 75% of riders and 46% of passengers wear helmets according to a 2009 survey. Moreover, many who do wear helmets do not strap them on properly.


This campaigns aim is to reduce road casualties by promoting proper helmet use –‘On the Head and Strapped On!’

Within the framework of this campaign, a helmet contest was held in Chania in June 2011, the motorcyclists who wore the helmet properly were recognized and asked for their free participation in a draw, with a gift of four helmets, a NOLAN offer and one VIP ticket for MOTOGP race, a FIM offer. A total of 187 people participated.

It is worth noting that according to the data collected by Make Roads Safe Hellas and the Technical University of Crete, in the main streets of the city of Chania, during peak hours, it was found that the use of helmets was limited. About 1 in 4 was not wearing or was not tied.

The winners prizes were given by the Commander of the Traffic Police of Chania, Antonis Kouvarakis, who made the following statement: "The Traffic Police, in trying to help reduce road accidents, conducts regular checks on the drivers of all vehicles. Our aim is not just to impose a fine on Highway Code offenders but also to have a counseling role especially for two-wheel drivers to sensitize them to always wear their helmet when driving. "

For his part, the member of the Board of Directors of Make Roads Safe Hellas and Riding School instructor Thanasis Houdras added that "the biggest problem in our country is road accidents. Accidents, because they are repeated every day, are out of our care. So any action designed to reduce them is really important and substantial. "

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